Do Sit-Ups Burn Belly Fat?

Last updated on July 15, 2022

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You have probably been advised to do sit-ups or thought about doing them to lose belly fat. And you are wondering whether sit-ups will get you a flat tummy.

The truth is that sit-ups are great exercises for training your belly. However, you cannot rely on them solely to tone your tummy.

To lose belly fat, you will need first to lose the fat surrounding your tummy and your body's overall weight.

Sit-ups will help you firm up your abdominal muscles, but they cannot help you reduce the amount of fat in your belly area; all the reasons why you need to incorporate other strategies to get a flat tummy.

How to do sit-ups properly

To do sit-ups properly, start by lying on your back. On bent knees, place your feet firmly on the ground.

Place your hands in a crossed position over your chest. You can also place them behind your ears. 

With your lower body in a stable position, move your upper body towards your knees slowly as you exhale. Return to the starting position and inhale as you do so.

If you are just getting started, you can do ten repetitions and increase them with time.

To get a slimmer and toned mid-section, do the following in addition to sit-ups.

1) Incorporate cardio exercises


Burpee - gym exercise

When trying to lose belly fat, it is critical to do cardio exercises. These exercises will help you burn fats faster.

They increase your body's metabolism rate, such that more fats are burned, and the percentage of fats in your body decreases.

Among the best cardio exercises to consider include running and walking. These are very simple and easy to do.

You do not need any equipment, and you can do them from anywhere. 

Other cardio exercises include swimming, cycling, and hiking, among others. 

You can increase the intensity of these exercises with time for better and faster results.

2) Do resistance training

resistance training

Besides sit-ups, you need to lift weights. Lifting weights helps to tone up muscles in the abdomen.

Strength training also ensures that your body continues to burns fats even when it is at rest. 

You can also use your body weight and do exercises like squats, pull-ups, planks, and push-up. These activities can help you burn belly fat.

3) Watch your diet

salmon fish

The most important thing next to doing sit-ups and other exercises is ensuring that your diet is suitable for burning belly fat.

The fats in your abdomen are there in the first place due to consuming a lot of calories. These calories mainly come from the food that you eat.

Among the foods that you must consider to get a slimmer waist include proteins and foods with lots of fiber.

They hike the metabolism of your body and increase your satiety.  


Sit-ups can help you burn belly fat, but you cannot rely on them solely. You need to incorporate other exercises to help burn fats around your belly.

Cardio exercises, resistance training, and healthy foods will help you burn belly fat and excess fats all over your body. 

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