8 Ways To Build Shredded Six Packs Abs

Last updated on July 6, 2021

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Have you always wanted to have abs? Yes? Me too.

A firm and chiseled core not only makes us confident but is also an indication that we have worked hard to burn belly fat- which can have detrimental effects on our health.

The secret to having abs is not just doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups; there is more to it. You need to adopt a suitable workout routine and diet that will help burn fats in your midsection.

In this article, I will reveal how you can build abs and have that appearance you have longed to have. 

1) Eat more proteins and fewer carbohydrates


Abs are built in the kitchen- you have probably come across this statement, and it is true.

Proteins contribute immensely and in different ways to help build abs.

To begin with, protein is necessary for building muscles; it helps in repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, mainly if you are working out.

Protein also increases your satiety, meaning that foods rich in protein make you feel full for longer, enabling you to control your appetite. 

Therefore, you can lose overall body weight and fat on a high protein diet, which will enable you to build abs faster. 

The best sources of protein include legumes, beans, seafood, nuts, and soy.

Research indicates that a low-carb diet is also necessary for losing weight. Cutting back on white bread, pasta, sweetened drinks, and pastries will help you build abs faster. 

Along with consuming the right foods, remember to reduce your caloric intake. Always consume fewer calories than your body burns. 

To lose 1 to 1.5 pounds per week, you need to cut calories by 500 to 700 per day. 

2) Fill up on fiber


Fiber is also essential for burning belly fat and building abs because it accelerates the weight loss process.

Fiber slows down the emptying of the stomach and makes you feel full for a more extended period.

Some of the high-fiber food you should consider include grains, green leafy vegetables, and fruits.

3) Stay hydrated

According to this study, drinking a sufficient amount of water (about eight 8-ounce glasses per day) is also necessary for building abs. Water is known to boost metabolism, and it can help you burn more calories.

Water also fills you up, and you can control your appetite and not overeat.  You need to replace those sweetened drinks with water. 

4) Do cardio


Cardio is any type of exercise that increases your heart rate. 

These types of exercises are important because they increase your body's metabolism, and you can burn more fats. 

Some of the best cardio exercises to include in your fitness routine include running, swimming, hiking and biking.

Incorporating cardio for at least 30 minutes per day will speed up the rate at which you can build the six-pack that you want so bad.

5) Incorporate high-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training, commonly known as HIIT, is another way to build abs faster.

It is a form of exercise that involves alternating between intense activities and short periods of recovery.

So basically, you will be incorporating different types of exercises during a session and then alternating the intensity.

According to this study, HIIT leads to a significant loss of abdominal and visceral fats, making it easier to tone the belly area.

Some of the exercises you can mix to build abs include push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, burpees, and leg raises. 

Note that these exercises raise your heart rate, and if you are just beginning to work out, you could find it challenging to follow through. 

But with practice and consistency, you will build endurance and do them for a more extended period. 

6) Lift weights 

woman lifting weights

Weight lifting also comes in handy when you are trying to build abs. 

The most crucial aspect of weightlifting is that it enables your body to burn calories even when at rest. You can therefore lose weight and burn fats faster.

Lifting weights also helps to strengthen and build your muscles. It is, therefore, necessary to include weights as you exercise.

You could begin by doing bodyweight exercises but with time, aim to do weight lifting.

7) Work your abdominal muscles 

abs workout

A smart way to build abs faster is to work your abdominal muscles out. Ab workouts help to burn belly fat and also strengthen the muscles in your mid-section.

However, ab workouts alone will not enable total fat loss in your belly area. You need to incorporate other exercises as well as maintain a healthy diet.

Some of the ab exercises include planks, Russian twists, sit-ups, crunches, and mountain climbers. You can do these exercises with weights to make them more effective. 

8) Be active

To build abs faster, you need to embrace an active lifestyle. 

Being active through activities such as walking and moving more often increases your body's metabolism, and you can burn more fats. 

Every so often, walk to work, take the stairs instead of the lift and keep moving. 


There you have it! Those are some of the strategies I have used to build abs. 

Notice that you need to have a holistic approach to your diet and fitness routine to build ads.  

Even if you exercise intensively and do not eat the right foods, you will not get those abs. A high protein and low carb diet come in handy to help you build toned abdominal muscles.

You also need to be committed and consistent. Understand that losing fat and getting that six-pack takes quite some time.

Keep on improving your diet and fitness practices to make the process more fun. And most importantly, be patient. 

About the author

Nikita Clark

As a personal trainer that specializes in weight loss and body transformation, I know how it feels to be overweight. Just 10 years ago, I could barely walk for two minutes without needing a rest. But I turned my life around and I want to help you do the same.  

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