How To Wear Crop Top With Belly Fat

Last updated on June 21, 2022

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Crop tops look great, but if you have belly fat, you might be wondering whether it is okay for you to wear them.

You can wear crop tops regardless of the fat around your stomach. You just need to know how to wear crop tops and still look great.

Here are a few tips to help you wear a crop top with belly fat comfortably.

1) Wear with high waist bottoms

Wear with high waist bottoms

Crop tops and high waist pants or shorts go together perfectly. High waist pants will hold your stomach in place to prevent the belly fat from spilling out.

It will also show make you appear to have a slimmer midsection than usual. This way, you can comfortably wear a crop top. Just ensure that your high waist trousers or skirts are fitting.

2) Put on a jacket or cardigan

Put on a jacket or cardigan

Jackets or cardigans can also make you look cool when wearing a crop top. They help to hide the love handles.

They also take the attention away from your stomach to your outerwear. Always go for jackets that are a little bigger and longer.

Wearing colorful and flowery cardigans or jackets will also take the attention away from the waist area.

3) Wear dark crop tops

Wear dark crop tops

One of the best ways to hide belly fat is wearing darker clothes on the top. They make your stomach appear smaller than usual.

Dark clothes are also excellent for hiding folds in our bodies. You do not have to be afraid of your love handles showing in them.

Match dark crop tops with dark or bright bottoms for that thinner look.

4) Wear baggy crop tops

Baggy crop tops are fashionable and can accentuate your looks. They do not cling onto your belly fat or expose it- they are perfect for hiding it.

Ensure that your baggy crop tops go well with your pants, and this will make you look like you have a smaller torso than usual.

5) Go for crop tops with a boxy shape

Crop tops with a boxy shape will do an excellent job in hiding your belly fat. These crop tops are not too tight; thus, they do not hold onto your love handles.

They also create the illusion of a slimmer waist.

6) Wear a camisole underneath

crop tops with a boxy shape

If you are not confident or want to show skin, you can put a camisole underneath the crop top. Ensure that the camisole somehow blends in with the crop top.

The best way to wear a camisole underneath a crop top is to wear high waist trousers, particularly jeans.


These are some of the best tips on how to wear crop tops with belly fat. Even as you implement them, love yourself the way you are.

Besides clothes, accepting your flaws and being confident make you more beautiful.

You might also want to exercise and watch your diet burn belly fat so that you are not always conscious about your mid-section.

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