Vitamins That Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise

Last updated on October 22, 2021

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Losing belly fat can be an uphill battle because belly fat is one of the most stubborn fats to lose in the body.

However, it all comes down to your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the process through which the body breaks down foods to produce energy and support other functions in the body. 

A high metabolism accelerates the rate at which fats around your belly are burned. The vice versa also applies.

Sadly, not everyone has a high metabolism because of age, genes, diseases, and other health issues.

Luckily, there is a way you can achieve a higher metabolism, and this is by consuming vitamins. 

Read on to discover some vitamins that you can consume to lose belly fat. 

Here are the vitamins that aid in losing belly fat.

1) B Vitamins 

B Vitamins

On top of our list, we have the B vitamins.

B vitamins are responsible for ensuring that the body’s cells function well. They help with the metabolism of the body, whereby food is broken down into energy. 

Besides that, they are also responsible for creating and maintaining body cells and tissues.

There are eight types of B vitamins, and they are all called vitamin B complex, as outlined below.

  • B-12
  • biotin
  • folate
  • B-6
  • pantothenic acid or B-5
  • niacin or B-3
  • riboflavin or B-2
  • thiamine or B-1

Each of these vitamins plays a certain role in the body.

Usually, the lack of one of them can affect other B vitamins and, consequently, the body's metabolism. For instance, vitamin B-12 needs vitamins B-6 and folate to work efficiently.

Luckily all of these vitamins can be found together in the same foods.

Foods That Are Rich In B Vitamins 

These foods are some of the best sources of B vitamins

  • Seafood
  • Lean meats
  • Eggs
  • Fruits like bananas, apples, watermelons, and grapes
  • Dairy products
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Spinach
  • Potatoes and squash

Unlike all the other B vitamins, vitamin B-12 is only found in animal products. 

2) Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The other essential vitamin that is good for losing belly fat is vitamin D. 

A study revealed that Vitamin D contributes to belly fat loss by way of improving insulin resistance. 

Insulin resistance can lead to the accumulation of fats around the body. When your body resists insulin, it produces more of it to cope with the situation.

Consequently, the rate of burning fat decreases since the insulin levels are high. Vitamin D plays a role in helping the body deal with insulin resistance. 

The best food sources for vitamin D include;

  • Cod liver oil
  • Fatty fish like sardines and salmon
  • Beef liver
  • Egg yolk
  • Mushrooms
  • Fortified dairy
  • Fortified breakfast cereals

Besides food sources, you can also buy vitamin supplements. Here are some that we can recommend;


B vitamins and vitamin D are the best when it comes to losing belly fat. They accelerate your metabolism, and your body can burn more fats. Ensure to include them in your diet. 

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