5 Ways To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans

Last updated on November 13, 2022

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If you have a lot of fat around your belly, you might feel insecure about wearing jeans. It is okay to feel this way; however, there are things you can do to continue looking good and confident in your jeans.

Here are tried and tested ways on how to hide belly fat in jeans:

There are many styling options that you can adapt and feel secure, stylish and confident in your jeans. We have listed 5 of them below.

1) Choose the right jeans 

Right Jeans

The fitting jeans for you if you have a big tummy are those that you are comfortable in. You do not need a loose one or a very tight one. 

A loose one will make your belly appear larger than it is, while a tight one will make you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, choose the one that fits you well.

Also, note that sizes tend to differ among retailers. If you do not know your exact measurements, it is wise to fit the jeans first before purchasing them. 

2) Wear a shapewear


Shape-wear might not get rid of the belly fat; however, it can help hold your belly fat together and give you a slimmer appearance.

If you wear good quality shape-wear, your stomach will look even, and your tires will not be visible.

The best shapewear is those that come in nude colors. These tend to go well with fabrics that are either dark or light tones.

It is also wise to go for full coverage shapewear that will not only smoothen your tummy but also shape your thighs, giving you that fantastic feel.

3) Go for jeans with darker shades

Dark shades jeans

Jeans come in a variety of colors. Those with darker shades don't draw attention to your midsection. The ones with lighter colors can draw lots of attention towards you. 

4) Wear a blazer

jeans blazzers

Wearing a blazer can help you hide belly fat. If you are going for a professional yet casual look, wearing a blazer with jeans will be a great choice.

You can also wear a loose-fitting shirt or top. You will not only hide your belly but also feel confident and look classy.

5) Go for jeans with a firm fabric around the belly

firm fabric jeans

Jeans with a firm fabric around the belly will smooth over your belly and give you a slimmer look.

The fabric should not be too tight as this will expose your belly even more.

Wearing darker jeans to hide belly fat

One way to help hide belly fat is by wearing darker jeans. Darker colors tend to be more slimming than light colors, so they can help give the illusion of a smaller waistline. If you're self-conscious about your stomach, opting for a darker wash of denim can be a great way to help conceal any bulges. Additionally, choosing a pair of jeans with a higher rise can also help to camouflage a larger tummy, as it will help to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Experiment with different styles and washes of denim until you find a look that you feel confident and comfortable in.


These are our tips on how to hide belly fat. Even as you put them into practice, remember to love yourself the way you are. Having belly fat should not make you feel less beautiful.

Additionally, remember that getting rid of belly fat is essential for health reasons. Too much of this fat can cause diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

Therefore, embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Eat foods that are friendly for losing belly fat and exercise. Also I have shared another article about 5 shirts to hide belly fat, check it out.

how to hide belly fat in jeans

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