Finding the Perfect Shirts for Big Belly Guys

Last updated on January 14, 2023

Shirts That Hide Belly Fat

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Having a little extra cushion around your midsection is fine as long as you are not obese. However, many guys, especially young men feel embarrassed about their pot belly. They always look for ways to hide it when going out in public. 

Shirts for Big Belly Guys

The best way to dress confidently is to take the attention off your belly. This can be achieved by choosing the right shirt for your body type. You might not realize this, but wearing the right clothing can do wonders. It will not only make you look sharp but also hide the belly fat that you are not so confident about.

In this post, we will suggest you the best shirts for big belly guys. So if you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe, you should give this article a read.

How to choose the right shirts for big belly guys?

Having a big belly doesn’t mean you cannot wear a nice outfit. The important thing is to know what will look the best on you. Men with pot bellies look the best in loose-fit shirts as long as they follow these rules.

Simplicity is everything

Men with big bellies already have an imposing presence. They don’t need to do anything extra to make them look noticeable. A simple shirt with a nice bottom would make a perfect choice.

Look for big and tall shirts that have extra room for your stomach. Since you have a big frame, stay away from patterns as they might create an overwhelming effect. 

Shirts with broad, solid spaces look great on a bigger frame. You can also go for lightly stripped shirts and wear them with a solid-color jacket. Just avoid busy patterns or graphics.

Go lightweight

When buying shirts for big belly guys, look for lightweight clothing. Wearing anything heavy or thick will make you look big and bulky.

Shirts made with thick fabric tend to hold heat in, which can lead to excessive sweating. This is why it is important to choose a lightweight and breathable material.

Look for shirts made of light fabric that will drape around your body. These kinds of shirts are not only comfortable to wear, but they also make you look good.

Don’t forget the fitting

Another important thing is the fitting of your shirt. If you wear a shirt that is sagging or wrinkly, it will make you look sloppy. It is needless to say that the effect gets amplified on a big body frame.

Some men wear shirts two or three sizes larger than their actual size to hide their bellies. But this kind of clothing only makes things worse. It will downgrade your overall appearance and make you look fatter.

When buying plus size shirts for men, make sure that you get the right fit. The better the fit, the more confident you will look. However, don’t forget about the comfort factor as it is equally important.

If you cannot find the perfect fit, get a tailor to make adjustments. Just a few stitches here and there and you will be good to go.

What are the best shirts for men with large stomachs?

Men in general don’t like to spend a lot of time shopping. They will choose anything that looks appealing to their eyes without giving it a second thought. However, that’s not the right way to shop. If you are looking for stylish shirts for overweight men, we have some great options listed below. Check out the products below and pick the best one for yourself.

Columbia Men’s Bahama Shirt

Columbia Men's Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve PFG Fishing Shirt, Collegiate Navy, Medium

Made with imported quality fabric this is one of the best Omni-shade shirts you can buy. Omni-Shade materials are known to block UVB and UVA rays to prevent sunburns. If you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, this shirt will be a great choice for you. It will not only protect you from long-term skin damage but also hide your belly fat. It is available in different sizes, so finding the right fit won’t be an issue.

The mesh-lined back vents allow air to get in and out, keeping you sweat-free all day. This also makes it a perfect choice for hot and humid weather. Even the quality of the fabric is great. It will last for a long time even after wearing it every day.

 Alimens & Gentle Men’s Button Down Flannel Shirt

If you prefer wearing long-sleeve flannel shirts, then this could be a good choice for you. The attractive design and pattern are what make this piece of clothing worth buying. It has two styles of pocket design, one on the left side and the other one on the right side. The pockets are made of 10oz thick flannel fabric.

The good thing is that you can get this shirt in a range of colors. Choose darker shades as they look the best on overweight men. It fits true to size, so get one size bigger than your actual size. This will give you some extra room around your stomach area. The shirt is made of cotton fabric which makes it a perfect comfortable wear.

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

Legendary Whitetails Men's Buck Camp Flannel Shirt, Cedarwood Plaid, Large

This is another flannel shirt design that is perfect for plus-size men. It is made of durable fabric that is built to last for a long time. If you want a shirt for casual wear, this could be a good choice. The contrasting corduroy-lined collar and cuffs make the shirt look great.

The pocket on the left chest comes with a button closure and pencil slot. The double pleat back allows you to move your arms and shoulder freely. It doesn’t feel too tight. It is made of pure cotton soft brushed flannel that will keep you comfortable all day. It is available in big and tall sizes that are perfect for men with big frames.

TACVASEN Men’s Convertible Long Sleeve Shirt

TACVASEN Men's Tactical Quick Dry Long Sleeve Shirts Sun Protection Breathable Shirts Green, XL

If you want something more stylish, you should consider buying this convertible zipper-sleeve shirt. It is made of quality fabric that is resistant to abrasion, scratches, and stains. The unique thing about this shirt is that it will keep you protected from UV rays. The fabric is highly breathable, so you won’t even feel hot.

Long sleeves paired with button-down chest pockets are what make this shirt look more attractive. The mesh design on the back provides enhanced ventilation for warm climates. It is the perfect shirt for outdoor junkies.

Red Kap Men’s RK Poplin Dress Shirt

Lastly, we have the Red Kap Men’s RK Poplin Dress Shirt which is perfect for hiding belly fat. Made of durable fabric, this shirt is made to last long. It has seven wood-tone buttons that give it a classy and sophisticated look. Wearing a shirt like this will make you look stylish and confident.

The fabric is comfortable and can wick moisture easily. So even if you wear it for a long time, it will not make you feel sweaty. Its smart styling features are what make it look more appealing. It has a convenient chest pocket and wood-tone buttons. The back of the shirt is pleated for a comfortable range of motion. The fabric contains stain-resistant and color-retention technology that keeps it looking new even after repeated wear.

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Why is it important to find comfortable shirts for men with large stomachs?

Shirts for Big Belly Guys

Whether you have a large stomach or not, we all want comfortable clothes. As a plus size man, you will want to wear shirts made of soft and light fabric. There are so many reasons to choose comfortable shirts over stylish ones.

Sweating is a big problem for plus-size men. This is why you need shirts made of breathable fabric. This will allow air to flow in and out. As a result, you will not feel sweaty. This type of clothing makes a great choice for hot, humid weather.

Due to your big frame, you need a comfortable range of motion. Wearing something too tight can restrict your movement. This is why it is recommended to buy a size bigger than your actual size. 

However, you shouldn’t buy anything too big as it will make you look bigger.

Wearing comfortable shirts prevents pressure on your belly while sitting and standing.

What to consider when shopping for shirts for a big belly?

When it comes to buying shirts for plus size men, you must consider clothing with extra room in the stomach area. This will help you to hide those extra inches and also make you feel comfortable.

To help you out, we have laid down some pro tips that will help you to find the right clothing for men with belly fat.

Consider the pattern

Plus-size men who are not fashion-conscious will pick any random pattern they see on display. They fail to realize that pattern is a powerful thing. The more the pattern, the more powerful the effect.

Overweight men should avoid busy patterns. Instead, they should go for light stripes. This type of pattern will make you look slimmer. Also, it shifts the attention from your stomach area.

Go for dark colors

They say dark colors make you look thin. Well, this is true. If you want to hide your stomach area, you should go for dark colors like black, navy blue, and others.

The thing about dark colors is that they don’t show shadows, and therefore, they can hide bumps and lumps in a better way. We are not asking you to wear dark from head to toe. But since your concern is your stomach area, you should wear darker colors on the top. You can pair a dark-colored shirt with a light-colored bottom.

Fit is important

Everyone indeed has their personal preferences when it comes to clothing. But one thing that remains important for everyone is fit.

Before you set out to buy a new shirt, measure yourself. Knowing the right measurement will help you to find the perfect fit for your body. Wearing a two or three size larger than your actual size will not help. Instead, it will make you look fatter.

Look for clothes that are of your size. If there’s some problem with the fitting, you should get it adjusted by a tailor.

Quality matters

When buying new shirts, you will want them to last at least a year or two. The longevity of a shirt will depend on its usage. If you wear a shirt regularly, it will get damaged faster than the one you wear once in a while.

Always check the quality of the clothing. See if the fabric and stitches are durable. You should invest your money only if you are satisfied with the product. Instead of buying cheap quality shirts, you should get branded ones that will last longer. It might cost you extra, but it will last for years.

Choose the right fabric

You must also consider the fabric of the shirt you are about to buy. Generally, men prefer heavier fabrics to lighter ones. Well, this is exactly what you need to avoid as an overweight man.

Choose a lighter fabric that will drape your body. It should feel like your second skin. Cotton shirts make the best choice for plus-size men. Wearing a cotton shirt will make you look thinner and feel lighter.


Finding the right shirt for plus-size men is easy if you follow the right rules. After reading this post, you know that light patterns and dark colors work best for big frames. This type of shirt will make you look slimmer by shifting the attention from your stomach area. Even the fabric matters when buying shirts for men with a belly. You should choose a soft and light fabric that is comfortable to wear. Last but not least, buy shirts from a reputable brand as they tend to last longer and provide full value for money.

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