Best Shapewear For Muffin Top In 2023

Last updated on January 7, 2023

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Women struggling to hide their muffin tops or love handles are not a new thing. If you don’t belong to this category, consider yourself lucky. But for those who can’t wear tight-fitting dresses because of love handles, we have got the Best Shapewear For Muffin Top In 2023.

Best Shapewear For Muffin Top In 2023

What is a muffin top?

A muffin top is a stubborn fat that accumulates over your waistline. This type of fat accumulation is very common in women.

The worst thing about a muffin top is that it doesn’t go away easily. Even with regular diet and exercise, it can be difficult to lose the fat in that area. 

Everyone hates to have a muffin top as it creates an unpleasant look when wearing a tight-fitting dress. It also bulges out when you wear a pant with a tight band. But you no longer have to struggle and feel embarrassed as we have the best shapewear to hide those unwanted fats.

Best Shapewear For Muffin Top

If you can’t get rid of your muffin top, you can hide it with shapewear. Since many of you are not sure what shapewear is right for hiding a muffin top, we have got some suggestions lined up for you.

SHAPERMINT High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear

SHAPERMINT High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts - Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Small to Plus-Size Nude X-Large / XX-Large

Made with imported quality materials, this is one of the best shapewear you can use to hide your muffin top. It provides a pull-on closure and covers your entire tummy area. 

Unlike other shapewear, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear. It has a smooth texture and fits perfectly on your body. Just make sure that you choose your actual size. The good thing about this shapewear is that you can wear it with all types of clothing. It is a high waist shaper that stays in place to give you a secure fit.

Due to the lightweight and breathable material, you can wear it all day long without feeling an iota of discomfort. It also provides the right amount of support you need. 

SIMIYA Tummy Control Shapewear for Women High Waisted Shapewear Panty Firm

This is another great shapewear to boost your confidence. It creates a slimming look by covering your tummy fat. It is designed to effortlessly tuck your tummy, smooth your back, and slim your thighs. 

It is made of the highest quality material for all-day comfort. The material is highly breathable to prevent sweating. It fits perfectly above the waistline and highlights the body curves while creating a skinnier appearance. 

Its sleek body con design helps streamline your hips, waist, butt, and thighs for an attractive look. Whether you are wearing a dress or pants, it will boost your confidence by promoting a sexy figure.

Tummy Control Shapewear Panties for Women High-Waisted Body Shaper

With this imported quality shapewear, you no longer have to ditch wearing tight-fitting dresses. It has a high-waist design which is perfect for covering your muffin top. It flattens your stomach and makes you look slimmer.

The good thing is that it is suitable for any body shape. It compresses your stomach and reduces your waistline to create an hourglass figure. If you like wearing dresses, this could be the perfect shapewear for you.

It also provides the right back support. Wearing this shapewear every day can help you correct your posture and reduce your lower back pain. It is also suitable for postpartum recovery. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable which is perfect for wearing all day.

Best Shapewear For Love Handles

Many women feel less confident because of their love handles. If you are one of them, you should consider getting good shapewear. We have laid down some of the best options below.

YIANNA Sculpting Bodysuit

YIANNA Sculpting Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Seamless Skims Shapewear Thong Body Shaper Tank Top,YA5215-Black-S/M

This high-quality bodysuit from YIANNA is one of the best shapewear on the market. It is made of lightweight and breathable fabric ensuring all-day comfort. To get the best fit, you must pick the right size for yourself.

It is designed to shape and lift your chest and butt, and smoothen your thighs. It flattens your tummy and waistline to make you feel and look sexy. It is the perfect shapewear to create an hourglass figure.

With the help of this shapewear, you can enhance your body’s natural shape. Unlike other products, it is made of a stretchy and skin-friendly fabric. The bottom area and the breast area are made of breathable mesh material. Additionally, it fits all cup sizes and has an adjustable strap.

Maidenform Women’s Cover Your Bases Smoothing Shapewear 

This tummy control thong shapewear is designed to flatten your tummy and highlight your waistline. It creates a slim silhouette for you. It is made of a stretchy, smooth fabric that is suitable for wearing for long hours.

The seamless design allows you to wear it with any type of clothes. Since it is a thong-style shapewear, you don’t have to worry about visible panty lines either.

Made of high-quality spandex and nylon, this shapewear is perfect for all body types. All you have to do is choose the right size for yourself. The breathable material keeps you sweat-free all day long. The anti-slip design of the waistband ensures that shapewear stays in place.

SPANX Shapewear

SPANX shapewear is not only good for hiding love handles, but it also provides good back support. With this high-quality shapewear, you can create the sexy and slimmer appearance that you have always wanted. 

Compared to other shapewear, SPANX provides better back support. As a result, it can help relieve your back pain. It is made of top-quality breathable fabric that can be worn all day long.

If you are looking for sweat-free comfort, this body shaper is the best choice for you. From casual wear to party gowns, you can wear them with all types of clothes.


With the right shapewear, you can easily hide your muffin top and love handles. It will help you to enhance your natural body curves while flattening your tummy and waistline area. The products mentioned in this post are ideal for all body types and sizes.

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