About Us

My mission with Belly Nestor is simple:

I want to share everything there is to know about belly fat. From cause to cure, I want to share everything I have learned about and experienced about the subject.

A Little about Me 


I’m Nikita Clark, a former morbidly obese woman with a dull health record turned Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Trainer who is ACSM & NCSF Certified

I’ve been training and coaching women to lose weight through diet and exercise for the last five years.

And I’ve built a promising career around healthy living and fitness.

The one lesson that I’ve learned about weight loss, and specifically burning belly fat, is that there’s no such thing as weight loss pills that work first. 

From old brands with a big following in the market to the new manufacturers with highly appealing sales pitches, I’ve tried them all.

Based on my experience, these products don’t work. And if they do, their effects are not long lasting. 

So if you’re serious about losing weight, becoming fit, and being a better you, you have to put aside all the fake promises about belly fat loss and use a tried and true formula that actually works.

From my personal experience, and based on the feedback I get from my coaching, the right formula to losing belly fat and regaining your shape is to embrace an effective diet and workout plan. Everything else is secondary. 

The Truth About Losing Belly Fat From My Own Experience

Does anything like this sound familiar?  

You invest a lot of your precious time to exercise so that you can lose belly fat but nothing happens.

You Google for all kinds of advice you can get online and implement them, still nothing happens. Then, you give up working on yourself and sadly watch the weight come back twice as fast.

Believe me when I tell you that you’re not alone. 

I have been in the same situation as you. And I can tell you from experience that losing belly fat fast isn’t as easy as many of us think. 

To be brutally honest with you, I’ve tried dozens of weight loss tips that you can name from off of the top of your head.

I’ve consulted with countless folks online who claim to be certified nutritionists. And I have even interacted with personal trainers just to become fit.

Here’s what I can boldly tell you right now: 

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to lose belly fat, develop lean muscles, and become the fit person that you’d like to be.

The Misconception about Belly Fat Loss

The greatest misconception on the web right now is that you can lose weight overnight.

In fact, the many opinions that I’ve read on the web suggests that you can lose weight and build muscle mass within 7 days with just weight loss supplements. 

This is probably the same lie that you read on the internet and try to implement all the time. And when things don’t work for you, you feel frustrated and try another solution that, again, doesn’t work. 

The harsh, hard, col truth is this:

There’s no such thing as a miracle belly fat burner that works overnight. Trust me on this; if there were supplements that did the magic without causing side effects, the entire planet would be full of healthy people. 

But miracle pills don’t exist and there’s no such thing as overnight weight loss. 

So if weight loss pills and belly fat burners don’t do jack, what does? 

The Birth of Belly Nestor 

Frankly, I started Belly Nestor with one simple goal in mind. I wanted to help you to learn how to lose belly fat without trying so hard. 

I’ve personally been in the same situation as you. In fact, friends at school would bully me for having a big tummy. And my family at home used to think that I’m sick and slowly dying. 

It reached a point in my life where I felt the bullying was too much to accommodate. So I started searching for effective and safe belly fat burning tips people hardly ever talk about. I came across the Bistro MD weight loss program. And after being on it for about 3 months, I’d started to feel my body because I looked better than I thought.

Fast forward, I’m not only healthy and fit. I’m also a professional nutritionist and personal trainer who preach in favor of diet and exercise as a means to lose belly fat. 

The program inspired me to build this blog so that you, too, can learn how to burn belly fat for good and never have to worry about being overweight again. 

The Mission and Vision of Belly Nestor 

My mission with Belly Nestor is simple:

I want to share everything there is to know about belly fat. From cause to cure, I want to share everything I have learned about and experienced about the subject.

You won’t just find the most recommended, tried and true weight loss programs on this site. I’ll also provide you with a custom program that you can fully customize and personalize to suit your weight loss and fitness needs.  

With my recommended nutrition and weight loss program, you can burn belly fat safely and effectively, without ever having to touch belly fat burners or the so-called miracle pills. 

Why I Write Specifically About Belly Fat 

I’m a good fit to write about belly fat because I have been a victim myself. To be honest, I blame myself for eating wrong and leading a sedentary life in the first place. 

Yet given that I now fully understand the ins and outs of being overweight and the difference diet and exercise can bring, I’m informed than ever I was before.

When it comes to education, I’m actually a certified nutritionist by profession. As for passion, I like to be a personal trainer by day, helping people like you in real time to become healthy and fit.

And by night, I spend time studying, researching, and cranking up great content on Belly Nestor so that you have high quality and actionable information to help you lead a healthy life.

So join me in this belly fat loss journey. And, together, let’s explore the most recommended ways to get rid of belly fat for good.