2 Best Sleeping Positions To Lose Belly Fat

Last updated on January 13, 2022

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Did you know that you can lose belly fat while sleeping? Ridiculous, right? 

Some ways have been proven to help cut down belly fat while sleeping. These mostly have to do with the sleeping positions and some practices you can do before or while you sleep.  

Read on to discover how to lose belly fat while sleeping.

Sleeping Positions to Lose Belly Fat.

Your body can burn fats through metabolic functions when you are sleeping. To lose fat during this time, there are things that you can do to increase the metabolism of your body. 

It turns out that there are sleeping positions that can help with cutting belly fat as you sleep, as discussed below;

1) Sleep on your belly- Prone position 

Sleep on your belly

The prone position is sleeping on your stomach horizontally while your head rests on the pillow. 

In the medical field, this lying position is used to help patients who have breathing problems and require ventilators.

You can also adopt this position as you sleep to build a slimmer midsection. This position is frowned upon due to its pressure on your joints. 

However, if you do not have any underlying medical conditions, this can be the perfect sleeping position to fight stubborn belly fat.

The additional pressure placed on your belly can help strengthen the muscles in your belly area and reduce fat accumulation there. 

We recommend that you are extra careful not to do more harm to your body. First, do not lie in the same position throughout the whole night. 

Try switching from this position to another. 2 to 4 hours occasionally can help you achieve the slimming effects on your belly. 

You can alternate with a side-to-side position to prevent chest tightness and breathing difficulties. 

You should also use a supportive pillow and lie in a comfortable bed to avoid straining your next. If you feel that the prone position is subjecting you to neck pain, you should stop using it as a method to lose belly fat.

If you are not used to sleeping on your stomach, try for a few minutes every time, and soon you will do it comfortably without much struggle. 

2) Sleep on your back- supine position 

Sleep on your back

Unlike the prone position, the supine position is lying on your back. This is a much easier position, and you can do it without much practice or struggle.

It is also considered among the best sleeping positions for belly fat loss. 

If you suffer from lower back pain, knee, or leg pain, this would be a perfect position to enable you to have a great night's sleep.

So how does the supine position enable belly fat burning? When lying on the back, your body will have a more challenging time converting foods into fats. 

Instead, the food will be converted into energy.  Done effectively, the supine position will help fight the stubborn belly fat. 

To make this position more effective in burning belly fat, ensure to reduce the pressure in your lower back by elevating your knees. You can put a pillow just below your knees. 

If you are not used to this sleeping position, you might suffer from breath obstructions. To avoid this, ensure that your torso is appropriately elevated. 

Practice sleeping for a few minutes until you are comfortable with the supine position.

While assuming these sleeping positions, you can also try abdominal breathing exercises. Deep breathing is not only relaxing but also works your abdominal muscles. 

Besides these sleeping positions, there are other practices that you can do while or before you sleep to burn fats around your stomach.

How To Lose Belly Fat While Sleeping- More Ways 

1) Get enough sleep

a woman sleeping

The benefits of getting enough sleep when losing belly fat cannot be underestimated.  Sleep enables your body to rest and is also stress-relieving.

When the quality of your sleep improves, you will avoid practices like late-night snacking, which causes further accumulation of fats. 

A good night's sleep also enables you to feel energized throughout the day, increasing your activity levels essential for burning calories.

2) Cool down the room temperature 

Studies indicate that sleeping in a room where the temperature is cool can significantly affect your belly fat. 

In a cold place, your body will need to produce heat to warm up your body to the surrounding environment. This way, your body burns more fats. 

The cool temperatures can also enable you to sleep better. When you sleep well, your body can perform metabolism functions, further burning more calories. 

3) Avoid staring at your phone or tablets before bedtime 

Avoid staring at your phone

Exposure to blue light emitted by gadgets such as phones can affect the quality of your sleep by reducing the production of a hormone called melatonin. It also

When melatonin is not produced, you will have difficulty falling asleep. You might end up snacking at night or being stressed out. Late-night snacking and stress can cause further accumulation of fats around your belly. 

4) Have sex 

Sex is also a great way to fight off stubborn belly fat. Studies reveal that sex enables us to lose calories. It also increases our happiness.

Sex also improves the quality of your sleep.

5) Exercise

Besides implementing the sleeping habits mentioned above, consider increasing your activity levels to lose belly fat.  Exercise improves your body's metabolism, enabling more calories to be burned. 

You can engage in simple exercises such as walking, swimming, jogging, and running. You could also do exercises such as planks, crunches, and Russian twists that help in toning the abdominal muscles. 

Weight training exercises will come in handy to help you burn fats and have a chiseled look.


In case you were wondering how to lose belly fat while you sleep, there you have it! Belly fat can be pretty stubborn to lose. 

You, therefore, should try and implement several strategies until you get rid of the belly fat.

There is always a first time for everything; if you cannot execute the strategies above perfectly, do not be hard on yourself. 

Practice until you can comfortably incorporate them into your lifestyle. 

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