Best Temporary Tattoos To Cover Stretch Marks On Hips And Sides.

Last updated on December 11, 2022

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A lot of people struggle to hide their stretch marks throughout their life. It is regarded as an aesthetic issue by the majority of people. They will go to any extent to get rid of stretch marks on their body.

Tattoos have emerged as one of the most popular ways to cover stretch marks. But not everyone is willing to get inked. This is where temporary tattoos come into the picture. This is a great solution for those who want to hide their stretch marks, but don’t want to get inked permanently.

Let’s explore some of the best tattoos to cover stretch marks on hips and sides.

Best Temporary Tattoos To Cover Stretch Marks On Hips And Sides.

Best Temporary Tattoos To Cover Stretch Marks On Hips

If you feel conscious about wearing swimwear because of stretch marks on your hips, we have got the best solution for you. Here are three top tattoos that you can try to cover your stretch marks.

  1. Tazimi 10 Sheets 3D Black Flower Rose Temporary Tattoos For Women

This set from Tazimi consists of 10 sheets of 3D Black Flower Rose Temporary Tattoos. The size of the tattoos is between 5.5*2.67 inch and 8.3*4.7 inch, which is good enough to cover stretch marks on your hips and other body parts. 

The 3D realistic, black rose design of the tattoos will not only cover your stretch marks but also make you look sexy. These are high-quality temporary tattoo stickers that are meant to last longer than usual. 

Moreover, these tattoos are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and easy to remove. It can be used by both children and adults. The application process is simple. You can have beautiful tattoo designs on your body within no time.

  1. Aivoch 8 Sheets Tattoos Waterproof Stickers

If you are planning to go for a swim, but don’t want others to see your stretch marks, you can rely on this temporary tattoo sticker from Aivoch. These are waterproof tattoos that won’t come off even after coming in contact with water. You can wear it to the beach, swimming pool, or near any water body.

It consists of 8 sheets of temporary tattoos, featuring 27 beautiful designs. The size is 14.8x21cm and can be used on various parts of your body, including hips.

Unlike other cheap options, these tattoos will last for 3 to 6 days. They are also safe and easy to remove. It takes just a few seconds to apply these tattoos on your skin. Since the tattoos are non-toxic, they can be used by people of all ages.

  1. Comdoit 3D Butterfly Rose Temporary Tattoos for Women 

For those fond of colorful tattoos, you will surely like these 12 sheets of tattoo stickers from Comdoit. The 3D Flower Temporary Tattoos Stickers are durable and long-lasting. The size is 7.5 x 3.5 inches, which is big enough to cover all your stretch marks.

These sexy fake tattoos are waterproof and non-toxic. They are easy to apply and fun for all ages, including children. Not just hips, but you can apply these tattoos on any part of your body.

It takes just 10-20 seconds to apply the stickers and cover the scars on your body. If needed, you can remove it by rubbing body oil, alcohol, or olive oil.

Best Tattoos To Cover Stretch Marks On Sides

If you feel conscious about stretch marks on your sides, try these tattoo stickers to hide them. 

  1. Cerlaza 162 Styles Temporary Tattoos for Women

This Cerlaza set consists of 50 sheets of temporary tattoos, featuring a large variety of designs. There is a total of 162 styles of tattoo stickers, including, butterflies, roses, feathers, flowers, peony, cats, leaves, alphabets, etc. The sizes vary between 8.27*3.94 inch and 4.13*2.36 inch.

These tattoo stickers offer a great way to hide stretch marks on your sides. Instead, of spending hundreds of dollars for a permanent tattoo, you could try different designs every 5-6 days. 

These are high-quality temporary tattoos that are completely non-toxic for your skin. Due to the waterproof nature of these tattoos, you can wear them when going swimming as well.

  1. NEZAR 11 Sheets Large Vine Peony Flower Rose Temporary Tattoos For Women

Next up, we have 11 sheets of large vine and flower tattoos from Nezar. This is one of the top-rated products on Amazon. Each sheet features a variety of designs. These tattoo stickers are not just good for hiring stretch marks on the sides, but they can also be applied to other parts of the body.

These 3D tattoos are available in different sizes. It takes less than 20 seconds to apply them. But they will last for 3 to 7 days unless you remove them using body oil or alcohol.

These tattoos are water-resistant and non-toxic. From children to adults, it can be used by people of all age groups without any worries. Although these are temporary, they look exactly like permanent tattoos.

  1. VANTATY 61 Sheets 3D Snake Flower Temporary Tattoos For Women

If you are looking for long-lasting temporary tattoos to cover your stretch marks, you should consider getting these 3D tattoo stickers from Vantaty. It consists of 61 sheets of sexy tattoos with sizes between 7.4″x3.5″ and 3.9″x2.5″.

Vantaty tattoos are popular among buyers because of their quality. Unlike other temporary tattoos, it doesn’t come off the next day of application. If applied properly, it will easily last for 4-5 days.

These realistic tattoos are easy to apply and remove. You can remove it by rubbing a little body oil or alcohol. Applying these tattoos shouldn’t be a big concern because they are non-allergenic and non-toxic. It can be used even by minors.


Stretch marks are difficult to remove, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay hidden all the time. With these temporary tattoo stickers, you can hide stretch marks on any part of your body, including your sides and hips. It is painless, and safe, and takes only a few seconds to get the design on your skin.

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