Styling a Pencil Skirt with a Tummy – How to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy

Last updated on December 24, 2022

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If you’re self-conscious about your tummy and don’t feel comfortable wearing a pencil skirt, fear not! There are some simple styling tips you can use to make your pencil skirt look flattering and help you feel confident. Let’s take a look at how to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy.

How to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy

How to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy

Choose the Right Fit

The key to making any outfit look good is finding the right fit. When it comes to wearing a pencil skirt with a tummy, choosing one that fits properly is essential in order for it to be flattering. You want to avoid skirts that are too tight or too short, as these can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Instead, opt for one that fits comfortably around your waist and falls just above or below the knee.

Pair with an Appropriate Top

When pairing your skirt with a top, it’s important to choose one that is long enough to cover your tummy. A fitted blouse or sweater that falls to the hip or below can help balance out the silhouette of the pencil skirt and create an overall more polished look. And if you’re looking for some extra definition, consider adding a belt to cinch in your waist and create a more defined silhouette. Choose one that is either the same color as your skirt or a contrasting color to add interest to your outfit.

High-Waisted Skirts Are Your Friend

High-waisted skirts are great for accentuating curves and creating an elongated silhouette—perfect for those who have tummies they want to conceal. The higher rise will help draw attention away from your midsection while still allowing you to show off your shapely legs! Plus, high waisted skirts tend to be more comfortable than their low-rise counterparts so you won’t have worry about any uncomfortable bunching or pinching around the waistline.

Wear heels

Accessorize with heels to elongate your legs and add a touch of sophistication to your look. Avoid wearing shoes with a chunky heel, as these can make your legs look shorter and wider. Instead, opt for a pair of pointed-toe pumps or strappy sandals—both styles will add length to your legs and help balance out the proportions of your pencil skirt.

What body shape can wear a pencil skirt?

Pencil skirts look great on all body types, but they’re especially flattering on hourglass and pear-shaped figures. The fitted silhouette helps show off the curves of your waist and hips, while the slimming effect of the skirt can help balance out wider hips and create a more streamlined silhouette.

Ultimately, wearing a pencil skirt with a tummy is all about finding the right fit and pairing it with an appropriate top. With these tips in mind, you can confidently rock a pencil skirt no matter what your shape or size!

How to wear a pencil skirt casually?

Pencil skirts can look just as stylish and polished when worn casually. To keep your outfit looking laid-back, opt for a lightweight fabric such as linen or cotton, and choose colors that are more muted than bright or bold. For a top, try pairing your skirt with a graphic tee or tank top and add a denim jacket to complete the look.

For shoes, sneakers are always a safe bet when it comes to casual outfits. Choose a classic style such as white or black canvas sneakers for an effortless weekend look, or dress it up with a pair of stylish loafers for a more put-together ensemble.

Best pencil skirts to hide the tummy

For a wide selection of pencil skirts, check out the options on Amazon! From classic A-line styles to modern slim fits, you’ll be sure to find the perfect look for any occasion. With so many choices, there’s no excuse not to create an amazing outfit with this timeless piece!

1. Gardenwed Women’s Vintage Polka Dot Retro A-line Pleated Midi Skirts – This skirt is the perfect combination of classic and modern style. The high-waisted silhouette features a pleated polka dot design that adds a touch of vintage flair, while the A-line cut creates a feminine shape.

2. Kancystore High Waisted A-Line Long Skirt – This eye-catching skirt is perfect for showing off your curves! The high-waisted silhouette, with a waistband that draws in and smooths the tummy area, is designed to flatter all body types. And the long length gives this piece an air of elegance.

3. SheIn Women’s Slim Fit Stretchy Office Pencil Skirt – This sleek and stylish skirt is perfect for the office. The slim fit shape hugs your curves in all the right places, while the stretchy material ensures optimal comfort and flexibility. And the back zipper closure adds a modern touch to this classic piece.


Achieving the perfect look with a pencil skirt when you have a tummy doesn’t have to be difficult! By following these simple tips—choosing the right fit, pairing it with an appropriate top, and opting for high-waisted styles—you can create looks that are both stylish and flattering! So next time you reach for that pencil skirt in your closet, keep these tips in mind so you can feel confident rocking this timeless wardrobe staple!


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