13 Stylish Ways To Hide Your Belly With Fabulous Clothes

Last updated on January 14, 2022

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If you have a big belly, you might be conscious of how you look- and this is perfectly normal. 

However, there are several ways you can hide your tummy so that you still look fabulous in your outfit.

Here are some of the best ways to hide your tummy with your clothes. 

1) Choose clothes that are loose over your tummy

clothes that are loose over your tummy

This practice has helped many people with big bellies look fabulous. 

Now that your belly is visible on its own, you do not want to make it a center of attraction by wearing tight clothes. 

Always go for clothes that are loose around that area. This will make the tummy less visible and make you feel comfortable as you go about your day.

2) Pay attention to clothes with stripes

Clothes with stripes running across will always highlight your big belly, sometimes making you appear fatter and shorter than you are.

However, clothes with vertical stripes will give you a fitter and slimmer look. Even then, you have to ensure that the stripes are thin and not very wide. 

3) Make use of shapewear 


If you have a large tummy, you should have shapewear of different types and varieties in your closet.

Shapewear holds the fats around your belly smoothly, preventing it from bulging outwards. 

You can go for shapewear that fits around your belly or even the long ones that stretch from underneath your breasts down to your waistline. 

Always go for shapewear that fits properly. One that is too tight can cause a lot of discomforts. A loose one will not hold the fats properly.  

Also, choose darker colors like nude as they go with many outfits. They come in different varieties as shown here

4) Highlight a different part of your body

To take attention away from your belly, you can try drawing attention to another body part. For instance, you can show a shallow cleavage.

If you have beautiful sexy legs, you can wear a shorter dress. Even good make-up and hairstyle can draw attention. 

You might also wear a fancy dress, a tight or top that will be the highlight of your outfit. However, be careful not to over highlight. 

5) Do not wear decorations around the belly area

Avoid outfits that are catchy around the belly area. Big belts and certain prints will make that area to be more visible.

Even pockets around that area can make it hard for you to hide your tummy.

6) Invest in high waist pants 

high waist pants

High waist pants are perfect for decreasing the visibility of the belly. They are also comfortable.

Unlike with low waist pants, your tummy will not roll over as everything is held into place.  While at it, do not choose too loose high waist pants as they will not hold the belly fat properly.

You can complement your high waist pants with a top that covers your belly. 

7) Go for light fabrics 

Be careful about the fabrics of your clothes around the tummy area. Heavy and thick fabrics will make you appear bigger. They can also be too clingy and highlight your belly fat. 

If you have to wear a clothe with heavy fabric, wear a jacket on top.

8) A good bra will come in handy 

A good bra will help reduce the appearance of your belly. Part of why your belly appears significant is wearing a bra that does not support your breasts properly.

A supportive, firm, yet comfortable bra will help flatten out your belly and reveal your figure. By raising your breasts slightly higher, your waist will appear comparatively smaller. 

9) Avoid crop tops

crop top

Crop tops are fancy, but they are not ideal if you have a big tummy. They cut across the belly area, making the belly bulge more visible.

Instead, wear long tops that reach up to your hips. Also, ensure that the tops are not tight or clingy around your belly. 

10) Go for clothes with darker shades

Bright-colored clothes will draw attention to your belly area. They also make you appear more prominent than usual. Always go for darker colored clothes. They will make you look slimmer.

If you want to wear bright-colored clothes, go for those with a single color or shade. However, ensure that they do not highlight your tummy bulges.

11) Use one-color blouses and shirts

one color blouse

Always wear blouses that have one color. Too many patterns, prints, or colors can highlight your belly area.

They also help you stand out awesomely, especially if you pair them with suitable pants or skirts. And of course, some nice high heeled shoes. 

12) Wear jackets on top

Wearing a jacket or coat on top of your dress or top will help hide that tummy. To make your look more appealing, go for a fancy yet fitting jacket.

The jackets or coats should not be very loose as that will give the illusion that you are more prominent on top than on the bottom, which is really what you are trying to avoid. 

13) Wear skirts 

wear skirts

High waist skirts with a firm and wide waistband can also help hide the tummy. If you wear a pencil skirt, ensure that the length goes slightly below the knee.

You can also wear a flared skirt and pair it with a top and jacket. The length needs to be below the knees as well.

When buying clothes, always ensure to fit them first. If you do not, you might end up buying the wrong size.


Even as you work hard to reduce your belly fat, you can still look fabulous hiding your tummy by implementing the tips above. 

Most importantly, remember that you are beautiful the way you are. Keep working on getting a slimmer tummy through healthy eating habits and exercising. If you lose that belly fat, you will not need to hide your tummy anymore. 

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